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Our Healthy Webservers
More than just software updates:
When you ask an IT department of any company what they do for system maintenance, they might mention regular software updates, keeping the servers in an air-conditioned room, and poking the fans with forks to make sure they are running. We take server maintenance one step further:

Our servers do yoga.

Below are photos from a typical Sunday afternoon yoga session with certified yoga instructor, Mmmmm Page. She works the machines harder than a infinite recursive loop in Perl. Some of the machines cannot take the strain of the workout (see the Tandy below). See the FAQ for more information.

Yoga Webserver
pose: Gratification To Concrete
Yoga Webserver
pose: Recirculating Hearse
Yoga Webserver
pose: Jellyfish Reflector
Yoga Webserver
se: Little Jimmy The Giant
Yoga Webserver
pose: Weeping Bogeyman
Yoga Webserver
pose: Dusty Bushworm
Yoga Webserver
pose: A Good Flying Bird
Yoga Webserver
pose: Exploding Anthill
(note: the Tandy has trouble with this pose)

Our power needs:
While our servers might be the only ones in the world to practice Yoga; they need something common to all webservers....electricity! In order to keep all of the webservers running, has two power generation facilities, one located in North America and the other in Australia.

we be nukin'
Our atom splitter thingy, near St. Helens, Oregon, USA. This is the same reactor in that Dandy Warhols publicity photo.
we be coalin'
Our groovy coal plant in Yallourn, Victoria, Australia. Other than possibly powering a concert, I don't know if this power plant has a place in rock history.