This is how looked when it first went online in July 2001. The clock is not shown and the control panel doesn't change any settings.

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Welcome to

I came up with this idea in March 2001 and it gradually evolved into what the site is now. Since May I've pretty much worked on (and bugged my friends about) this website non-stop. The digital clock has pictures for about 850 of the 1440 minutes in a day. If you see a missing time, you can submit a photo. Since 95% of the photos were taken in Portland, Oregon; I decided to go ahead and launch the website with a few of the daytime "slots" still missing. This way those slots can get filled with clock photos from lands other than Portland.

Taking these pictures was a lot of fun. Most people were up for having their picture taken. Some would see the sign and think it was a reference to a Bible verse, and I was going to start preaching at any minute. I did notice it was a lot easier to get photos of people if a girl was with me, hmmm...funny how that works. Liz at the vintage clothing store on 28th and Burnside took a bunch of photos with us, and invited us to a fun Hawaiian party...where we did many of the photos from 12:00-12:37am. Tim asked a guy at the corner of 6th and SW Yamhill if he wanted to be on the clock, the guy threw a screaming fit and told him to get the !@#$#@$@ away from him...that was pretty funny. One girl pulled up her shirt in the middle of a crowded 24 hour pancake house on Powell. Oh yeah, the photo at 1:35pm was taken in the Pioneer Square Mall. The mall security people started (four of them!) moving into formation so we quick took the 1:36pm photo and scooted out of there. I was able to slip by the one that was going to "intervene" with me since he got distracted by an irate mall customer.

Oh, I'm supposed to remind you that the girl at 11:11am is single (and more 31337 than Angelina Jolie was in Hackers).

Technical Stuff:

This clock is accurate to within one minute if you have set your timezone correctly. The clock was originally accurate to within 1-2 seconds, but I decided to remove this since it would cause the webserver to get crushed every time a minute changed.

I wrote the code so you are forced to see whatever picture is associated with the current time. To some extent, changing your timezone is about the only way around this.

Unlike most websites, the entire website is hosted on a portable Tandy Model 100 computer.


Thanks to the following people who walked around with me collecting photos:
Jeff Winograd, Cora Crary, Milana Abramovich, Phoebe Robinson, Myke Holling, Stephen Peters, Ryan Vanderzanden, Kathryn Cunningham, MCQ, Kevin Condron, Amy Ciesielka, B., Betsy Shaunnesy, Kristy Dueer, Tina Satter, and Sandy Christensen, Teresa Giffen, and JoAnne Giffen.

Special thanks to both Tim Cleaver and Joe Wagoner for each spending 8+ hours with me walking the streets of Portland, OR pestering people for photos.

Extra special thanks to Amazing! for allowing me to leech some server space and a MBB (major buttload of bandwidth).

© 2001 Daniel Craig Giffen