This is how looked when it first went online in July 2001. The clock is not shown and the control panel doesn't change any settings.

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Send me photos! Eventually I'll have an interface built for this, but for now just email your photos to [removed] as an email attachment.

The iffy rules:
  • As for the actual photo, the time can be on anything, it doesn't have to be on a piece of cardboard. Be creative! Only real rule is that it is a photo of the time written out somewhere in some fashion with someone or something. The more interesting your photo is, the better chance it will have of be displayed when (eventually) several pictures occupy the same time slot.
  • Please send photos in at least 640x480 size if you can.
  • The photos should be from a decent digital camera or scanned from a photograph (i.e. no webcam photos).
  • When taking pictures, take them horizontally. If they are vertical I can still use them, but they have to be cropped.
  • When emailing the photo, include where it was taken.
  • All photos become property of

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