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Like, so OLD news...
July 21st, 2014
8:46 Po Box Clock
This project is about half complete currently. I am trying to assemble a photo clock based on mail I receive at my Post Office Box. Send some in!

July 16th, 2014
Uh, notice anything different? The clock site turns into an unruly 13 year old today.

New stuff:
  • Something I've always wanted to do since 2001 and now it finally happened, there is now an entire clock in FULL HD VIDEO FORM! It is like 20.7 hours of video! Bonus exclamation points!!! You can read more on the about page for the story behind it.
  • On that note, you can also now submit videos (but note, the requirements both techincally and quality-wise are a lot more strict).
  • 99% of the <table> HTML tags are all gone now. Unthinkable in 2001!
  • I restored the text clock which existed on this site up until 2002. It lives on at the bottom of all the non-clock pages.
  • The Atari 2600 Canyon Bomber graphics on the TPS Report are now animated. You can even click on them.
  • The mobile site got metaporically dumped into international code waters metaphorically 25 miles offshore. The site is now "pixel compassionate" (uh, responsive for you non-PC folks) and hopefully adjusts to whatever device you are viewing the website on.
  • The uploader is now 100% Adobe Flash free!
  • Less options. Most people were not using a few options so I got rid of them to have a cleaner UI.
  • Dates on all the photos, either based on the date I took them or when they were submitted.
  • Larger photos on the server information page.
  • About this website content is now more relevant for 2014.
  • A few bugs fixed, some new ones most likely introduced!
  • Premium accounts now have clocks that refresh themselves, run fullscreen, and still have no ads.